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Class Actions

A History of Success

Our class action attorneys have built their success on an uncompromising focus on select cases. We have proven that a small but dedicated and skilled team can out-work, out-think, and out-result the largest defense firms. We are boutique by design. It is our commitment to personally touching every document, examining every witness, and constantly shaping strategy that gives us an advantage no defense firm can match and sets us apart in a crowded field of plaintiff’s firms.

Our Expertise

unlawful fees and pricing practices

Our class action attorneys have built a practice dedicated to pursuing the rights of small businesses and consumers against the unlawful pricing and fee practices often used by large corporations.  Class actions often provide the only avenue for ensuring the proper functioning of the market place when corporations use their vast resources to enact unfair practices to the detriment of their customers.  Our method and the structure of our firm is designed to allow us us to litigate these class actions more effectively, and efficiently, than our opponents.

defective products

Each year, thousands of products are recalled due to faulty design, manufacturing defects, or poor quality.  Often, these failures can lead to physical injuries; they always involve some measure of economic harm.  Our class actions for defective products provide valuable relief to consumers when products fail, cause injury, or simply do not perform as promised

tcpa violations

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Junk Fax Protection Act were passed into law to combat the increasing use of unsolicited advertisements. Recent years have seen only an increase in these marketing tactics, as companies attempt to hide behind third parties and expand into text messages and robocalls.  Our class action attorneys have the resources and expertise to navigate changing law and the evolving “defenses” that are often raised to these indefensible tactics

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